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We are here to offer optimal and individualized care for your child. Our services are aimed at strengthening the whole family through education, help and most importantly, the peace of mind that they can return to work or school knowing that your child is in a safe place and cared for by a professional team. , and highly competent.

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Personalized Attention

We care for children from birth to age 20 with medically complex conditions that require ongoing nursing care, such as:

- Cerebral Palsy

- Hydrocephalus
- Microcephaly

- Epilepsy

- Seizures

- Traumatic Brain Injury

- Congenital Heart Defects

- Kidney Diseases

- Muscular Dystrophy

- Spina Bifida

- Prematurity

- Intravenous Therapy

- Under Weight

- Tube Feeding

- Colostomy Care

- Mellitus Diabetes

- Chronic Lung Disease

- Cystic Fibrosis

- Tracheostomy

- Asthma

- Stroke

- Oxygen Administration

- Down's Syndrome

Our Services

  • Pediatric Nursing Care

  • Nutritional Food Program (breakfast, lunch and snack)

  • Physical Therapy  

  • Speech Therapy

  • Occupational Therapy

  • Respiratory Therapy

  • Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

  • Social Services

  • Contactable Doctor

  • After-School and Recreational Activities

  • Transport

  • Program for children who attend school and receive therapy and help with homework in the afternoon.

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