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We are here to offer optimal and individualized care for your child. Our services are aimed at strengthening the whole family through education, help and most importantly, the peace of mind that they can return to work or school knowing that your child is in a safe place and cared for by a professional team. , and highly competent.

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Medical Center of Excellence

Magical Dreams Academy is an Agency for Health Care Administration authorized PPEC center.

We have licensed staff that includes: Registered Nurses (RN, LPN), Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA) and caregivers. Our staff is highly trained to care for your child, their medical conditions, prevent hospitalization, and achieve better follow-up. Our team is fluent in English and Spanish.

We make sure to offer a comprehensive pediatric care service that empowers the lives of children with special or technologically dependent conditions.


1. Contact us to schedule an initial evaluation and determine your child's eligibility for our program.

2. Request the doctor's order or referral to enroll your child in our program.

3. Our staff will complete a plan of care based on your child's medical needs and request authorization for services.

4. Once your child has been enrolled, we will work with you to coordinate transportation of your child with special needs to and from our location with our provider supervised transportation service.

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